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Selected works



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MANADA Architectural Boundaries

Wirt an elegant host

2012 Interior Innovation Award: Winner

2012 German Design Award: Nomination


Contemporary cities offer contemporary lifestyle, and these usually come accompanied with a big portion of stress. There is nothing better than arriving to your little piece of heaven, your small kingdom, where you rule everything to your home. Especially, when you are received by a WIRT (host), which will take care of you and make you comfortable, it will make you leave all the worries behind and all of that extra weight outside, and get you ready for the cozy reality of your home.

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MANADA Architectural Boundaries

WIRT’s function is to receive and prepare you to enjoy the commodity of your home. It makes easier the transition between exterior and interior life. Between stress and calmness.

When you are leaving your home, WIRT says “come back soon”, it prepares you for the exterior world, gives your coat, gives you the last look and approves your style before leaving.

WIRT combines different essential functions for the contemporary flaneur in one single object. WIRT can be configured depending of the space where you place it, so there are no excuses to not be received. It can be more austere or fully equipped, but it will always receive you warmly when you get back home.

100% Handcrafted in solid american oak, WIRT is finished in black with its wood veins still visible. WIRT can hold your favorite magazines, your everyday post mail, it can hang your coat, store your umbrella, place your keys, and make you feel confident with its mirror before facing the world.