ArTISTIC project: Eduardo Castillo / Manufacture and engineering: LA / EXHIBITION: LIGA, ESPACIO PARA ARQUITECTURA DF / LOCATION: MEXICO CITY / Year: 2013 / Photography: Ramiro Chaves

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The project that Chilean architect Eduardo Castillo presents for LIGA 09 entitled ‘Opaque Sound’, is a sturdy piece of wood that explores an object’s density, so that it nearly takes up the entire exhibition space.

Born in 1972 in Chile, he is formed as a carpenter by his father, before becoming an architect. He studied architecture at the Universidad Católica de Chile, where he graduated in 1996 and obtained his title in 2000.

He realized his PHD in Architecture and Urban Studies in 2005.

His works have been published and exposed in Germany, China, Spain, England, Italy, Japan and Mexico, amongst others. He widely participated in events and international conferences organized by Universities and Architectural Leagues. He is actually working together with the architect Smiljan Radic, and he is teaching a studio on Construction Technology at the Architectural School of the University of Talca.


Sonido Opaco, título del proyecto que presenta el arquitecto chileno Eduardo Castillo para LIGA 09, es una pieza robusta de madera que explora la densidad de la masa, de manera que ocupa casi la totalidad de la sala.