ArTISTIC project: Jorge Ambrosi / Manufacture and engineering:  exhibition: liga, espacio PARA arquitectura df/ location: mexico city /  Year: 2010 / PHOTOGRAPHY: RAMIRO CHAVES

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The work of Jorge Ambrosi finds its presence in the panorama of contemporary Latin American architecture in a quiet and direct way. The emphasis on tectonics, materialization and the deepinterest in how things are build, make his projects look like a wonderful game of mechanics in which each piece finds its place and nothing seems to be missing or out of place: an architectural grammar in which building blocks are joined with the logic and precision of mechanical engineering.

Jorge Ambrosi presents the project Subtraction Addition; an intervention that consists of a series of stacked wooden planks in which the spatial interior configurations of his latest projects are excavated. However, the general layout of the project provides the viewer with an integrated spatial experience in which depending on ones’ perspective and location, the understanding of the excavated forms is modified. Therefore, Ambrosi’s architectural intervention puts at stake an important issue of the architectural creation: movement.

On the other hand, the installation intends to represents the moment previous to any constructive idea: material stacked in orderly piles on the building site, waiting to be cut, trimmed and placed into its final position. In this way, Jorge Ambrosi highlights one of the main aspects of his architecture: the importance of the raw material as protagonist actor of the created spatial experiences.